ROSE | ExLab at Bridport Art Centre

After a long summer of site-based exhibitions, the five ExLab commissions have finally been brought together under one roof at the Bridport Art Centre. The opening on Saturday coincided with Bridport’s Open Book festival, and as a result Alice Angus (Proboscis) and Simon Ryder gave short talks on how writing and making books forms part of their own creative practice.

Simon Ryder and Alice Angus talking about their work in Bridport Arts Centre. Copyright R Ferraby

What was very clear from both artists, was how important writing is as a tool for thinking, as well as a way of communicating back to others how the project was taking form. Simon kept a blog throughout the project (, containing short pieces, with a single image and as part of the exhibition he displayed these, so that they formed a stratigraphy of the project itself.

Simon Ryders “pseu do morph” film at Bridport. Copyright R Ferraby

Seeing all the works together also highlighted the similarities between the pieces – that although given quite different areas of coast to look at, they had all ended up in some way thinking about time, rhythm, people and place. And yet each has followed their own route through an endless array of information and conversations, to find their own, very personal, and also very sensitive, response to this landscape.

In many ways, this project is not over – this exhibition shows the formation of ideas and relationships – hopefully the conversations will continue far beyond it.

For more information see the ExLab website

Viewing Zac Eastwood-Bloom’s work, based at Durlston. Copyright R Ferraby